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When Lucy line Wanja Silas installed a 12-volt solar power unit at her home to help her children study at night, little did she know it would become essential to her and her neighbors in Gakunga village, central Kenya, during the coronavirus pandemic? Wanja, a 48-year-old farmworker, said she had not made any money since the country’s lockdown started in March, but the solar photovoltaic (PV) unit she purchased in January means she no longer
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As a relatively rare and expensive heavy metal, cobalt serves as a vital but costly part of today’s lithium batteries, not just in terms of price but also for the environment and well-being of those tasked with mining it Due to its excellent conductivity and durability throughout charging cycles, cobalt has served as a key material in the cathode of lithium batteries since its inception, but it has come under fire lately due to the
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Despite making significant progress in solar power generation, India still relies on China for equipment India has made significant progress in creating capacity for solar energy generation in the last few years. The Prime Minister’s emphasis since 2014 has given a new fillip to solar power installation. The unit costs of solar power have fallen, and solar energy has become increasingly competitive with alternative sources of energy. India expanded its solar generation capacity eight times
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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways, some obvious and some less so. Now, scientists have quantified an effect that lies a few links down the chain, finding that solar panels in certain cities have seen a boost in output, due to a reduction in air pollution. Much of the world has essentially ground to a halt this year, as many countries issue stay-at-home orders to try to curb the spread of the
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The shocking spread of COVID-19 pandemic has caught all countries off guard and disrupted all socio-economical activities and anticipated huge human life as well as economic loss which are not easy to makeup despite huge economical stimuli by all countries. This pandemic has exposed tall claims of scientific and technological advancements made by mankind and post-COVID-19 world’s outlook shall change forever. Economic activities are suffering huge losses and early sectorial analysis with different methodologies giving
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