all about solar tubes

All About Solar Tubes

These days, a fast lifestyle is not only a part of the cities but also the villages. Electricity plays a very important role in it. As a result, electricity consumption is increasing day by day, as well as also increased monthly electricity bills. Due to this reason, the trend of people has increased towards solar. The government schemes have also inspired people to adopt solar more and more. In this article, we will learn about solar tubes.

  • What is Solar Tubes
  • How the solar tubes are working
  • Benefits of Solar Tubes
  • The idea about their Costing & Installation

What is the Solar Tube?

We all know that everywhere the population is increasing day by day, especially in metro cities. But we have limited space for making homes. Therefore homes, especially in crowded cities, are built-in very limited space. Due to which sunlight, which is a primary requirement for everyone, is impossible to reach everywhere in every house.

So, we can say that solar tubes, also known as “Sun Tunnels, Light tubes, Daylight Pipes”, are the solution to this problem. These tubes channel the sunlight through a weatherproof polycarbonate globe dome into the place. These tube’s measurements 10-14 inches in diameter, generally. Presently, Two types of designed solar tubes are available in the market: flexible and rigid solar tubes.

The Flexible designed tubes allow the installer to install the tunnel around objects. These tubes have reflective walls, that carried the natural light. The rigid designed tubes straightly connect from the roof to the ceiling. These tubes carry a full amount of natural light as compare to flexible designed tubes.

How Do It Work:

A solar tube is a cylindrical piece made of reflective material. The nature of this material is like a mirror, which captures sunlight and bounces it on the interior surfaces of the tube. The captured light travels over multiple surfaces & then it reaches the interior place, where this light will emit through an acrylic dome in the ceiling. The light is evenly spread all over the place, so no place will be warmed by sunlight. Even that place is completely free from UV rays due to the bouncing nature of the light.

Benefits of Solar Tubes:

benefits of solar tubes

Natural light is one of the best & sustainable ways to light up places. Using natural light is not only reduces energy costs but is also reducing the carbon footprint & the harmful emissions generated from the power plant. Because of these tubes, the consumer will not be using the electricity in the daytime, which reduces environmental pollution. Solar tubes are cost-effective in comparison to other lighting options, including the installation costs. Because consumers will also save money through lower electricity bills. Another advantage of these products is that they are easy installation products. They require no structural re framing, tunneling, dry walling, or painting etc.

Increasing exposure to natural light daily can be very beneficial to health in a variety of ways like:

  • It’s a great source of vitamin D
  • It helps to blood pressure problems.
  • Enhance mental and physical wellness.
  • Will increase the concentration and energy levels

So we can say that the solar tubular skylights are the perfect way to use renewable, clean energy for our homes with no damage or energy fees.

The Idea About Their Costing & Installation:


Because the solar tube has very simple installation work, so there costs less than half-the-price of a skylight including the installation. A new solar tube can be installed in very little time as compare to skylights or any other lighting option. The installer begins in the attic. They take measurements, identify rafter locations and mark where the holes go. Next, they cut a hole in the roof. They install the upper portion of the tunnel, the top collar, lens and flashing. Inside, they cut a hole where the light will go. Then they add the lower portion and connect the two holes with the tunnel.

They finish by sealing seams and installing the diffuser and trim ring. Many people installed solar tube systems, as these are a cheap alternative to glass windows, skylights and electric lights. They are perfect for residential as well as business offices.

This was the complete process to manufacture the solar panels. If you liked this information or you want to give any kind of suggestion, then you can comment below in the comment box. Stay connected for important information with Ornate Solar.

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