Fronius Solar Inverters Price in India, 2021

Fronius is among the leading worldwide suppliers of solar grid-connected inverters & comes on the TIER-1 rank list. They are also known for highly functional solar inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules and systems of all sizes and are light and easy to install. Mr. Günter Fronius founded the brand Fronius International in 1945 in Austria.

The headquarter of Fronius International is based in Austria and the Indian headquarter is in Pune, Maharashtra. The manufacturing plants of the company are located in Austria.

They currently have 36 subsidiaries in 05 continents and over 5400 employees worldwide. Fronius has done more than 12GW (worldwide) & 25 MW (in India) installations of solar inverters. Fronius Solar has installed the systems in more than 64 countries across the globe.

Fronius Solar has a presence in the residential, commercial, and utility markets. Since they have a first-class service strategy, their products ensure the operational reliability of PV systems, you can trust the quality of their products.

Fronius provides Single-Phase, Three-Phase solar inverters, and Tauro Series solar inverters. Their Inverters’ feature makes the solar inverter communicative for owner-occupiers.

Fronius Solar Inverters Price:

If we talk about the prices of solar inverters, it depends on some factors:

  • Load Requirement
  • Inverter Type (On-Grid/ Off-Grid)
  • Technology (MPPT / PWM)
  • The Features of The Solar Inverter

Load Requirement:

When it comes to load requirements, the price of the solar inverter is directly proportional. The higher the price of a solar inverter, the more load it must handle. Just so you know, the price difference might be significant depending on the amount of load you require. Let’s look at an example to better grasp this:

If there are two structures with the names A and B.

Building A requires electricity to operate basic electrical equipment such as fans, tubes, LED lights, televisions, and so on. Building B, on the other hand, includes heavy-duty equipment such as air conditioners, microwaves, and geysers.

Because Building B consumes more energy than Building A, it would require:

  1. The more no of solar panels,
  2. The more power storage
  3. The higher capacity solar inverter

Types Of Solar Inverter (On-Grid/ Off-Grid):

On-Grid (also known as grid-tied) and Off-Grid solar inverters are the two types of solar inverters available on the market. In comparison to on-grid solar inverters, off-grid solar inverters are more costly. Because residences with on-grid inverters are linked to the local grid, this is the case. When the solar panel system produces less electricity, on-grid solar inverters pull energy from the local grid. The Off-Grid inverters, on the other hand, have no connection to the local grid and are entirely reliant on solar panels for power generation.

This is because they utilize batteries, which raises the overall cost of the system. In addition, depending on the battery’s lifespan, there is a replacement cost.

The technology of The Solar Inverter (MPPT / PWM):

The two forms of inverter charge controller technology used in solar inverters are PWM and MPPT, which have an impact on the cost of solar inverters.

MPPT – Maximum Power Point Tracking

PWM – Pulse Width Modulation

In comparison to PWM inverter charge controllers, MPPT solar inverter charge controllers are more efficient. As a result, MPPT inverter controller technology is more costly than PWM solar controller technology.

The solar inverter charge controller’s main goal is to keep the batteries from overcharging. The charger controller converts the solar panels’ electricity into the appropriate amperage/voltage before sending it to the solar battery.

The PMW Solar Charge Controller operates on the same concept as a basic electrical switch, ensuring that the voltage of the solar array and the solar battery is always equal.

The PWM controller lowers the solar array voltage down to the solar battery voltage if the solar battery voltage is lower than the solar array voltage. Solar panels with great power generating capacity are forced to run at low voltage, resulting in a significant waste of produced electricity.

The MPPT charge controller, on the other hand, monitors the voltage and current of the solar panels in real-time and guarantees that the solar array delivers the greatest amount of energy to the solar battery. It takes the maximum amount of electricity from the solar panels and then acts as a modulator, varying its output voltage to match the batteries. The current outflow is raised if the voltage has to be stepped down to ensure maximum power output and faster battery charge.

The Features & Warranty of The Solar Inverter:

The price of a solar inverter is also determined by the functions it offers. Smart technology solar inverters will always be more expensive than simple functionality solar inverters. In addition, the warranty of the inverter has an impact on its pricing. LED displays, sophisticated safety features, internet connectivity & wireless connection, and other features raise the price.

Size (IN KW) Approx. Price (Per Watt)
1-5 INR  27 to 19 /-
6-10 INR  16 to 15 /-
11-25 INR  16 to 9 /-

**Note: Above price of the Fronius Solar Inverters (including 5% GST & 1% transportation) can vary +/- 10-20% depending on location and project size.


The solar inverter is an important component of the solar system, as it determines the output of the system. As a result, the government has guaranteed that specific certifications are in place to verify that solar inverters satisfy the standards criteria. UL, ANSI, NIST, SEMI, SAC, CENELIC, IEC, and several other organizations now offer globally recognized certifications.

However, IEC is the most well-known of all of them. IEC certification is available for SolarEdge solar inverters.

Fronius Solar Inverters Certifications

Warranty & Service:

Fronius inverters come with 5 & 7 years of standard warranty that may be extended up to 25 years depending on the model. The warranty extension may be obtained within the standard warranty period of the solar inverter for a one-time payment charge.

Research & Development:

  • They have 1008 authorized patents.
  • Fronius Solar has around 450 experienced researchers in their R&D department.

Fronius Awards:

  • 2007: The Austrian National Environmental and Energy Technology Award
  • 2007: Austrian Climate Protection Award (“Ideas and Innovation” category)
  • 2008: Energy Globe Austria (Hydrogen-powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2008: World Energy Globe Award (Hydrogen-powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2013: Plus X Award (Galvo & Symo – Product of the Year)
  • 2014: Smart Grid Pioneer Award (morePV2grid project)
  • 2015: Plus X Award (Symo Hybrid – Product of the Year)
  • 2016: MTB Gold Medal Award (Energy Package)
  • 2020: Intersolar Award (Symo GEN24 Plus)

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