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Load Calculation Analysis for Home


In this article, we will learn about load calculation. If you are someone looking for a solar solution, then you must know how to calculate the total load of your home or workplace. Please understand, the higher the load, the costlier the solar solution will be.
If you can do your load calculation, then you will be able to analyze, how much solar energy required.

Make a list of electrical equipment:

If you want to list the household electrical appliances in a correct way, then the following table has to be understood:

Load Calculation

Load Calculation

As you can see that the sheet has 4 columns, the first one is the appliance. The second one is the power rating of the appliance, which means, how much power that appliance consumes in 1 hour. The third column is of total running time in hours, which means for how long that has been running in a 24-hour time cycle. & the last column is of total power consumption which can be calculated by multiplying the 2nd and 3rd columns.

Home App

Home Appliances

One important thing which you need to understand is never assumed the running time. Because all the same appliances run for the same interval of time or never take the running time on average. This will hamper your calculation. you need to calculate the power consumption of every appliance individually.
Now add the 4th column and multiply it by 1.25. This 1.25 is the losses that are to be added in the calculation for better results.

Now, this final data will tell you what is your total power consumption & now accordingly you can look for solar solutions and government benefits.

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