RenewSys Solar Panels Price In India, 2021

RenewSys Solar is a prominent integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and their essential components, which include Encapsulants, Backsheets, and Solar PV Cells. They are among the top solar manufacturers in India. Mr. Avinash Hiranandani launched the firm in Mumbai in 2011.

Solar is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and has production facilities in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. RenewSys Solar’s production plant in Patalganga, Maharashtra, is the most recent, with a capacity of 1.2 GW solar PV modules set to open in 2021.

They currently employ over 1000 people in over 40 countries. With a capacity of 2 GW of solar panels, 1 GW of solar cells, 1 GW of encapsulants, and 1 GW of back sheets, Renewsys Solar is the world’s largest solar manufacturing company.

In more than 11 countries around the world, RenewSys Solar has installed over 1 GW of PV modules, 200 MW PV cells, and 12 Gw of Encapsulants & Backsheets.

They have continually maintained the premium quality aspect of their products as a manufacturer of solar panels, solar cells, and other components. In addition, the solar modules are manufactured entirely by automated machinery. In the Indian market, RenewSys Solar offered polycrystalline, mono PERC, and bifacial panels. In comparison to other brands, their solar panels are significantly more efficient.

RenewSys Solar Panel’s Prices:

The cost of solar panels is determined by the technology used in the panels. Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, and Mono PERC solar panels are the three types of panels available on the market. Polycrystalline panels have an efficiency of 15 to 17 percent. The available polycrystalline solar panels range in power from 300 to 330 watts. These panels have the cheapest pricing.

The efficiency of monocrystalline solar panels ranges from 17 to 20%. These panels are available in sizes ranging from 330 to 375 watts. These panels are reasonably priced.

Mono PERC is the most recent solar module technology. These solar panels have cut cells, which means they have the highest efficiency possible. The effectiveness of solar panels ranges from 20% to 23%. Mono PERC solar panels with more than 400 watts are currently available on the market.

Year Approx. Price (Per Watt)
2018 INR 24 to 27 /-
2019 INR 21 to 24 /-
2020 INR 19 to 23 /-
2021 INR 20 to 24 /-

**Note: Above price of the RenewSys Solar Panel (including 5% GST & 1% transportation) can vary +/- 10-20% depending on location and project size.


If you work in the solar industry as an EPC, Solar Developer, Solar Installer, Dealer & Distributor, etc., you should be aware of the Indian solar panel manufacturers’ certifications. These certificates are required to meet the requirements of large solar projects such as government tenders, ground-mounted solar systems, and solar subsidies, among others.

EPC, Solar Developer
  • BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a mandatory certification for any electrical device that wishes to sell in the Indian market, such as solar panels. It examines the product’s safety, quality, performance, and other characteristics.
  • CE – Certificate of Registration (CE) is also a need for any electrical device, such as a solar panel, that intends to sell on the international market.
  • DCR- Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) Cell is also required for government tenders such as Rooftop Solar Subsidy, Water Pump, Street Light Tender, and so forth.

Research & Development:

  • India’s first and only integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and its key components.
  • First to launch India’s only Glass-Backsheet Bi-facial Solar PV Module – DESERV Extreme
  • India’s first Transparent Backsheet
  • First and only in India to receive UL approval and commercialize the production of POE Encapsulant – CONSERV E 360
  • First to launch 5 BB and 6 BB solar PV Cells, Made in India
  • First Indian company to receive a PV Backsheet Patent
  • First to manufacture High-Efficiency Modules – DESERV Galactic and DESERV Extreme
  • Designed and launched Flexible and Lightweight Module series for specific applications of customers
  • Designed and launched one of its kind series of High Output and High Voltage modules – Galactic Ultra series

Awards of RenewSys Solar:

RenewSys has won the prestigious Module Innovation of the Year Award for DESERV Galactic Ultra Solar PV Module at the Maharashtra State Annual Solar Awards 2020 – 21 by EQ.

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