Solar Energy Solution For Cold Storage

Solar Energy Solution For Cold Storage

Due to a combination of factors, including an unstable market and a lack of facilities to preserve the agricultural products for a longer period, Indian farmers have always battled to reduce the wastage of their produce. According to estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organization, food loss in South and Southeast Asia is approximately 40%.

This has serious ramifications in India, where more than 80% of farmers are smallholders who are barely able to generate revenue around INR 1,000 per year.

Air-conditioned warehouses where perishable products can be stored are one approach to cut down on waste. However, there are numerous problems with this as well. Rural areas have an inconsistent power supply with frequent power cuts. It has also been discovered that energy expenses account for up to 30% of the entire cost of cold storage.

As a result, India has only a few cold storage warehouses. Solar-powered cold storage, on the other hand, has just begun to gain popularity in rural areas.

According to Mordor Intelligence, a market research organization, the solar power industry in India is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% between 2020 and 2025, thanks to government initiatives and lower solar module costs.

Things that included the cost of cold storage

After the logistics, the second most expensive operating component of a cold storage investment is electricity.

To produce a freezing environment, electricity is required. Power is quite important in the cold storage sector. That is, it does not matter what season, month, or year it is. The power is always turned on at a cold storage facility. Utilities are becoming increasingly expensive. The cost of cold storage in India will never be lower.

In addition, when their firm grows, so does their income. The higher their operating costs are.

As the expense of maintaining a cold storage facility continues to rise. It has the potential to have a direct influence on the food we eat.

Why the cost of operating a cold storage unit keeps increasing?

Bacteria and other microorganisms infest the food, causing it to deteriorate. The activity of these creatures increases as the temperature rises.

To maintain the temperature as low as possible. Refrigeration units are installed in cold storage facilities. As a result of the nature of the business. The refrigeration process runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This needs a constant source of electricity. To meet the electricity requirements. Diesel generators are used by storage unit owners to ensure that there is always power.

These generators are quite expensive. Not to mention the pollution and inconvenience they bring with them.

As a result of this For storage unit owners, generators become a bottleneck.

Storage units, on the other hand, may fight back by raising their selling prices. However, there is a limit. That pricing isn’t going to go down any lower.

Furthermore, the cost of power is always rising. Also, with the rise in crude oil prices. Diesel is also quite expensive. As a result, store owners have a high operating expense. Managing it is a significant challenge.

How Solar-Powered Cold Storage can be the Solution

To understand how this type of cold storage can help solve this problem and lower the cost factor for the end-user, we must first understand how it works. The whole work scenario of solar cold storage is divided into two parts: On-Grid solar-powered cold storage & Off-Grid solar-powered cold storage.

On-Grid solar-powered cold storage

  • These cold storage are known as “Grid-Tie Solar Cold Storage.”
  • These cold storage have local grid connectivity.
  • There is no need for an energy storage solution.
  • Most of the large-size cold storages are on-grid solar-powered cold storages.

Off-Grid solar-powered cold storage

  • These cold storage are completely independent as there is no grid connectivity.
  • Since this cold storage type has zero grid connectivity, these cold storages use energy storage devices to store electricity.
  • Most of the small & medium size cold storages are on-grid solar-powered cold storage.

Types of Solar-Powered Cold Storage

Based on the size and capacity of the solar-powered cold storage, we can divide them into 3 categories:

  • Solar-powered small cold storage
  • Solar-powered medium cold storage
  • Solar-powered large cold storage

Solar energy based small cold storage is used for personal or individual purposes.

Solar energy based medium cold storage is used for small groups or community levels. In which, some group of people or any community together get solar cold storage installed and use it.

Solar energy based large cold storage is used for large-scale businesses. In which, any single person installed cold storage & rent it to the different people according to their need.

Solar Cold Storage Business Opportunities: It will Help to Reduce Fuel Costs:

After understanding the working structure, Now we will analyze the business structure of solar-powered cold storage. There are two types of business: Individual Business & Community Business.

  • In the Individual Cold Storage Business, there is a single person who owns the solar cold storage & rented it to the different consumers as per their needs. The rent cost of the storage house will depend on the season, time, and required space.
  • In Community Cold Storage Business, there are some people of the group or any community, which install it together & use it. The cost required to set up this type of cold storage is endured by all the community members.

Advantages of Clean Energy Based Cold Storage System:

  • Reduced dependency on grid supply or fossil fuel
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Reduction in agricultural wastage
  • Economical in operational front
  • Ensures power reliability
  • Addresses transportation woes of farmers to reach the bigger storage facilities.

How Can We Help?

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