Even though in 2020, Indian solar installation saw a decline of 72%,  solar project bidding continued to grow & set a record. With that India exceeds their target to The Paris Agreement Target. It means now Indian solar is going to be the cheapest power generating option in India.

Climate Adaptation Summit


While addressing The Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) of 2021, PM Modi said, “We have promised ourselves that we will not just arrest environmental degradation but reverse it. We will not just create new capacities but make them an agent for global good.” 

He further said, “India is promoting LED lights and saving 38 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.” He also said, “The nation hoped to exceed the goals of its Paris Agreement.”

PM Modi said that India is aiming to reach a renewable energy capacity of 450 GW by 2030.

While explaining the action plan, PM Modi said that by 2030 India will restore 26 million hectares of degraded land. PM Modi informed the summit that India is providing clean cooking fuel to 80 million rural households. We are connecting 64 million households to the piped water supply.

Mr. Naredra Modi further said, “The International Solar Alliance and The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure show the power of global climate partnership. I call upon the Global Commission on Adaptation to work with CDRI to enhance infrastructure resilience globally.”


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