First time in Indian history a solar panel manufacturing unit is been set up by a women self-help group. Solar empowering women’s society. Manipur is going to bitness this historical moment.

kawatha women's self help group

Sunil Kedar, Sport & Youth welfare Minister, will inaugurate Tejaswi Solar Energy Backward Class Women’s Industrial Cooperative on 26th January. Mr. Sailesh Naval, who was the District Collector of this village, 2018 introduce this idea to these women. Under the DPDC scheme in collaboration with UMED Abhiyaan of Zilla Parishad, he sanctioned Rs. 3 crore.

Till now, everyone believed that only big comp can manufacture the solar panel. But this self-help group of uneducated women might change the game. Seeing them there is a good possibility that more & more people will try to venture into solar panel manufacturing.

Sangeeta Bangkhde, The Director of the unit, confirm that all the women associated with this project have been trained by UMED Abhiyaan of Zilla Parishad. After getting the training they are manufacturing street lights, solar panels & street lamps for their village. Technical assistance for this project will be provided by IIT, Mumbai, under the guidance of Amit Deshmukh, who is also from IIT Mumbai.

The motives behind this project are- From locals to locals. The cost of panels manufacture by Tejaswi Solar energy will be less than other solar panels because it will produce locally. This project will not only strengthen the local economy but will also help these uneducated women to grow. & this is a perfect example of solar empowering women’s society.

The total no of women in Tejaswi Solar Energy Backward Class Women’s Industrial Cooperative is 214, & more than 200 women from backward society.



Resource The Times of India

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