SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge Solar Inverters

SolarEdge is a globally leading manufacturer of smart energy solar inverters & comes on the TIER-1 rank list. They are also known for designing their inverters, which maximize power generation at the individual PV module level while reducing energy costs. Mr. Guy Sella founded the company in 2006 in Israeli.

The headquarter of SolarEdge is based in Israeli & manufacturing plants in China, Hungary, Israel, Vietnam, Korea. Of which, the bulk of manufacturing facilities are located in China and Israel.

SolarEdge Inverters company Profile

They currently have multiple subsidiaries in 25 plus countries and over 3400 employees. SolarEdge has done more than 2.9 million installations of solar inverters and 69.1 million power optimizers. The total capacity of shipped solar inverters is more than 24.0 GW. SolarEdge has installed the systems in more than 133 countries across the globe.

SolarEdge has a presence in the residential, commercial, and utility markets. Since they have multi-level testing involved in product designing and analysis, you can trust the quality of their products.

SolarEdge provides Single-Phase and Three-Phase solar inverters and Power Optimizers. Their products aim to increase energy output through module-level Maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT).

SolarEdge Solar Inverters Prices:

If we talk about the prices of solar inverters, it depends on some factors:

  • Load Requirement
  • Inverter Type (On-Grid/ Off-Grid)
  • Technology (MPPT / PWM)
  • The Features of The Solar Inverter
Load Requirement:

If we talk about the load requirement, it is directly proportionate to the price of the solar inverter. The more load the solar inverter requires higher its price. Just for your knowledge, the price difference can be substantial, It completely depends on your required load. For better clarity, let’s understand this with an example:

If there are two buildings named A & B.

Building A needs the power to run basic electrical equipment such as fans, tubes, LED bulbs, TV, etc. While building B has heavy load equipment such as air conditioners, microwaves, geysers, etc.

Since building B’s power consumption is more than the building A, it would need:

  • The more no of solar panels,
  • The more power storage
  • The higher capacity solar inverter.
Types Of Solar Inverter (On-Grid/ Off-Grid):

There are two types of solar inverters available in the market: On-Grid (also known as grid-tied) & Off-Grid solar inverters. Off-Grid solar inverters are more expensive in comparison to On-Grid solar inverters. The reason is, it homes with on-grid inverters are connected to the local grid. On-Grid solar inverters draw energy from the local grid whenever the solar panel system produces less power. While the Off-Grid inverters have no connection to the local grid and these are completely dependent on solar panels for power generation.

That’s because they use batteries which adds to the cost of the entire system. Also, there’s a replacement cost involved depending on the longevity of the batteries.

The technology of The Solar Inverter (MPPT / PWM):

Solar inverters have two types of inverter charge controller technology: PWM, MPPT, which also affect the cost of solar inverters.

  • PWM – Pulse Width Modulation
  • MPPT – Maximum Power Point Tracking

MPPT solar inverter charge controllers are more efficient in comparison to PWM inverter charge controllers. That’s why the MPPT inverter controller technology is more expensive than PWM solar controller.

The main motive of the solar inverter charge controller has to prevent the batteries from overcharging. The charger controller modifies the power generated from the solar panels into the required amperage/voltage and then sends it to the solar battery.

The PMW Solar Charge Controller works on the principle of a basic electrical switch which ensures that the voltage of the solar array is equal to the voltage of the solar battery always.

If the solar battery voltage is lower than the solar array voltage, the PWM controller steps the solar array voltage down to the solar battery voltage. There is substantial wastage of produced electricity in this process as the solar panels with high power generation capacity are forced to operate at low voltage.

On the other hand, the MPPT charge controller track the solar panel voltage and current in real-time & ensures that the solar array delivered the maximum to the solar battery. It draws maximum power from the solar arrays and then works as a modulator that varies its output voltage to match that of the battery. In case, the voltage needs to be stepped down, the current outflow is increased to ensure maximum power output and faster battery charging.

The Features & Warranty of The Solar Inverter:

The price of a solar inverter also depends on what features are available in it. The solar inverter with smart technology will always have more price than the solar inverter with basic functionality. Along with this, the inverter’s warranty factor also affects its price. Features like LED screens, advanced safety features, internet communication & wireless connection, etc. drive up the cost.

(in KW)

Approx. Price
(Per Watt)

Residential 1 to 5 INR 21/-
Residential 5 to 10 INR 17 – 21/-
Small Commercial 10 to 25 INR 14 – 16/-
Small Commercial 25 to 50 INR 12 – 14/-
Small Commercial 50 to 100 INR 11 – 13/-
Industrial 100 to 500 INR 10 – 11/-
Industrial 500 + INR 9 – 10/-

**Note: Above price of the SolarEdge Solar Inverters (including 5% GST & 1% transportation) can vary +/- 10-20% depending on location and project size.


The solar inverter is a significant part of the solar system, on which the output of the solar system depends. So to assure its efficiency, certain certifications have been ensured by the government to meet the solar inverters standardization criteria. These days, there are a number of organizations that are also offering worldwide recognized certifications such as UL, ANSI, NIST, SEMI, SAC, CENELIC, IEC, and many more. But IEC is considered the most prominent among all these. SolarEdge solar inverters have IEC certification.

SolarEdge Inverters certifications
Warranty & Service:

Solar Inverter of SolarEdge has a 12-years warranty that is expendable for 20 or 25 years depending on the inverter model. The consumer can avail of the warranty extension within 24 months of the purchase of the solar inverter and for this, the consumer will have to pay a one-time payment fee.

Research & Development:
  • They have 366 authorized patents & 364 additional patents.
  • R&D Centers in Israel, Bulgaria, USA, Korea, and Italy.
  • Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution that aggregates PV, storage, and EV in the cloud and enables new grid services and revenue streams for all involved stakeholders.
  • Kokam, acquired by SolarEdge in 2018, is a global Tier 1 provider of innovative battery solutions for utility-scale ESS, UPS, and EV.
  • SolarEdge Critical Power Division has decades of experience designing and manufacturing UPS solutions for various applications, with competitive product offerings for the 3 phase 10 – 500kW segment.
  • SolarEdge e-Mobility Division creates innovative, high-performance powertrains including gearbox, engine, battery, BMS, software, and accessories for electric vehicles (EVs).
SolarEdge Awards:
  • SolarEdge Selected as 2021 Innovation Award Winner by Green Builder Media for its SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology.
  • SolarEdge Wins PV Magazine Award in the Inverter Category for its SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology.
  • SolarEdge Wins 2019 R&D 100 Awards for its EV Charging Single Phase Inverter.SolarEdge Wins Top Product of the Year from the 2019 Energy Manager Today for its EV-charging Single Phase Inverter. SolarEdge Wins Most Innovative Solar Advancement from Green Builder Media for its EV charging single phase inverter.
  • SolarEdge Wins Solar Power World’s 2018 Leadership in Solar in the Inverter Category.
  • SolarEdge Wins New Product of the Year for its EV-charging single-phase inverter in the Energy category from the 2018 BIG Awards.
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